Computing Code Dancers

This week in computing we used codes to help us create dance moves! First we created our dance usi codes we learned and perfected them on a whiteboard. We then put these on a word document using different symbols. This helped us to develop our IT skills. Check out some of our dance moves! 



A Walk In Brixton

This week in Year 3 we explored our local area and wrote down some facts about what we saw! The church was amazing we found so many facts for it!

Life in Year 3!

We started this year by celebrating our individual talents and shared them with our friends. We then put all of our talents together to create a class chain. 

We really enjoyed this team building activity! 

In maths we’ve been looking at place value. We used pace value counters and Diene’s blocks. 


This was a chance for us to showcase our knowledge of how place value works! We really enjoyed working as a team. 

Our creative curriculum topic is the Stone Age. We have been looking at some artefacts that were everyday things that people would have used. We got a chance to touch and smell the different objects and compare them to the things that we have now.

To build on our creative curriculum lesson, we had the privilege of having the artist David Knap come to school and help us create these beautiful pictures!